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If you need revolutionary ideas for products, or a machine to be custom built, the creative core of the company, our Research & Development department, can help. In addition to the innovative skills of our engineers, you will also benefit from our extensive experience and invaluable expertise in filling technology. We develop custom automation solutions to your requirements that are simple and ingenious and frequently set new standards in process technology.


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Container freighters in Hamburg’s port are largely loaded and unloaded fully automatically. Nevertheless, the GPS-controlled, driverless carriers have to be regularly refuelled with diesel.
SAT STERLING has managed to fully automate this refuelling process.

The design of our fully automatic refuelling system for container carriers demonstrates our innovative spirit and engineering prowess perfectly. A camera system was needed that would help the system automatically find the tank opening, open it and close it again after the automatic filling process. But seaport conditions are extremely tough. The optical system therefore had to be designed to work precisely and without fail in all kinds of visibility and weather conditions. All materials had to be resistant to the harsh environmental conditions such as salty air, humidity, frost and heat.

Containers are automatically loaded day in, day out at Hamburg’s port, and now, the carrier refuelling process is also fully automatic thanks to the SAT system.



In contrast to filling systems used for automobile production, micro-damper filling systems are an exotic example of filling technology. The remarkable thing about them is that they can handle tiny, yet precise, filling quantities of 25 μl per damper element. Yet again, our engineers have developed intelligent and successful solutions for this micro-technology.

The developed system was designed to simultaneously fill tiny damper elements in injection nozzles for internal combustion engines and consists of two filling stations. Each station evacuates, tests and fills 12 elements concurrently. The filling system is equipped with SAT Media Preparation. By putting the silicone oil to be filled through a vacuum degasing process, we achieve higher functional quality of the damping element. The system has been running with outstanding efficiency since it was first put into operation.



Our many years of experience in vacuum filling for automotive air-conditioning systems has given us the know-how to develop perfect solutions for the special needs of the household industry as well.

We developed and installed the first refrigerant filling systems for refrigerator series production at the beginning of the nineties. What made these special was the technological handling of the highly flammable refrigerant R600a (isobutane), the short cycle time of a few seconds and the achievement of ultra-precision with the tiniest quantities of approx. 20 g.