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Properties COMPACT

COMPACT – the newest generation of SAT STERLING’s single or combined filling systems. They have an integrated console and are best used for rework areas or for the regular-interval production of light and commercial vehicles.

SAT COMPACT systems are convincing in their compact size and high versatility in terms of installation, use and connection to production systems.

Despite their low investment costs, SAT COMPACT filling systems offer the processing and filling quality of SAT STERLING, appreciated the world over.


A SAT COMPACT system includes all components which are necessary for the evacuating and filling of a vehicle system.

In a SAT COMPACT system, the mechanical cabinet with a filling module and the control cabinet for system control are housed in two separate cabinets, which are both mounted on a common base frame. Due to the heavy-duty castors assembled on the base frame, the system is completely mobile and can be freely positioned.

The adapter for vehicle filling is selectively connected directly to the filling machine via an adapter quick connector plate or quick couplings.

Due to these connection principles, a fast exchange of the adapter with the hose package is possible at any time. Suspension via gibbet and balancer facilitate the handling of the adapter.

SAT STERLING filling adapters are drip-free and can be equipped with special sensors for pressure and vacuum measurement.

The integrated sensors allow recording of process values – as close to the vehicle system as possible.

Components are selected according to customer standards or are based on decades of successfully tested SAT standards.

Integration and automation

Like all SAT STERLING filling systems, -COMPACT systems also offer the full spectrum of production system connections.

These include system-internal recipe management, registry by hand scanner, print of results on vehicle data sheet, central recipe control by server system with automatic vehicle identification (via scanner, camera or RFID) and the final storage of the filling results in the existing production system database.


In a SAT COMPACT SINGLE filling system with integrated console, all necessary components for evacuation and filling of a vehicle system are included.



A SAT STERLING COMPACT COMBI filling system with integrated console contains all components necessary for the evacuation and filling of various media.

In principle, the media number is unlimited. In a combined system, the filling modules and electrical cabinet are also housed in different cabinets.

All filling modules of a combined system are controlled via a common control cabinet.

SAT COMPACT filling systems with integrated console can be enhanced with various reworking functions; examples for reworking functions are ‘flushing’ for brake filling and the ‘recycling’ process for A/C coolant filling; these functions enable the emptying or the filling of already partly filled vehicle systems.

  • Brake fluid
  • Climate gas (R134a, R1234yf, CO2)
  • Refrigerant
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Power steering fluid
  • Oil (vented systems, e.g. gearbox, differential)
  • SCR urea fluid (AdBlue®, Cleandiesel®, Bluemotion®, Urea)
  • Fuel
  • Gases (incl. conditioning)

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